Marlise headless

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Welcome to Soulezza Guitars.
These guitars are soulfully handcrafted and well appreciated for their versatile
distinctive big rich tone, good balance and playing comfort.
Each individually made instrument is a personal commitment to quality,
bringing your playing into a higher level of musical expression.
Lifetime warranted, Soulezza Guitars are
Handcrafted in Spain, Europe
and shipped all over the world.

John Abercrombie

(ECM Recording Artist)

"My Soulezza guitar is a beautifully designed, and made instrument.
It has an incredible eveness of tone, throughout the entire range,much like a piano.
Despite it's size, it has a big, and woody tone. I recommend it."

Marlise headless

Lionel Loueke

(Blue Note Records)

"Besides being the first headless and the best portable guitar I have,
the sound clarity of my Soulezza is very even through the neck and powerful.
I love it "

Marlise headless

John Stowell

"I am happy to own a Soulezza headless guitar.
The instrument sounds great, is beautifully made and a pleasure to play.
The size and portability are an added bonus...
Highly recommended".

Ken Wessel

(Ornette Coleman, Donald Fagen, NYC guitarist and educator)

"Has a beautiful, clear tone and plays very easily (like butter).
Very balanced and even throughout the instrument."

Jeff Putterman

(guitarist, composer, educator)

"My Soulezza 7 String is a uniquely beautiful and smartly designed guitar.
I appreciate this instrument for it's portability and playability
It is light weight and well balanced, acoustically live and evenly responsive in performance."

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