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Welcome to Soulezza Guitars.
These guitars are handcrafted one at a time.
Are well appreciated for their versatile distinctive big even tone,
good balance, playing comfort and portability.
Each individually made instrument is a personal commitment to quality,
bringing your playing, into a higher level of musical expression.
Soulezza Guitars are Handcrafted in Spain and shipped all over the world.

Owners reviews

Hands down, this is the most beautiful and perfect guitar I've ever played.
..You've blended old and new guitar wisdom and technology into a completely new animal!
Kudos my friend, kudos! JA was right when he claimed your guitar captures a piano vibe...
I love hearing every note in the most complex chord sustaining forever.
I just knew one of your guitars would be perfect for me...and I was right!
Thank you...gracias...thank you!!!!

(Marc, USA)

One of my pluses this year, has certainly been getting a wonderful guitar made by you.
I have played her every single day since receiving it.
The quality of woods, workmanship and electronic is outstanding,
she is a joy to play and to hear.

(L.P. Italy)

My Soulezza 7 String is a uniquely beautiful and smartly designed guitar.
I appreciate this instrument for it's portability and playability
It is light weight and well balanced, acoustically live and evenly responsive in performance.

(Jeff, guitarist, educator, Oregon, USA)

Sounding really beautiful, incredible action, I'm very grateful.
I love the light weight, the balance, the fineness of your guitar.
You are a master craftsman.

(Mike, Switzerland)

Beautiful!, and makes an amazing sound. I love it!
You are great!, I'll make her a lifetime companion.
Thank you very much!

(A.D, from Japan)

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