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Selecting any of the models as a departure line, you may cross combine specifications from either, 

to configure that unique Soulezza to fit your needs.

Available specs include:

-Top F-hole opening, side soundholes, or plain tops

-Scale length option (25.5″, 24.75″, 25″, 23.5″)

-Luminlay side dots (“glow-in-the-dark” side dots)

-Spruce or cedar selected bookmatched tops

-Specific pickup brand preferences and configurations

(for both neck and bridge, or just neck.)

-22 or 24 frets

-6, 7 or  8 strings

-Neck profiling and thickness

-Fretboard wood type and radius, multiscale (fanned fretboards).

-Custom pickguards

Feel free to contact and discuss your Soulezza project.

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